Their Ceiling Your Floor - breaking barriers, building hope

We have all experience ceilings, the ones passed down by our forefathers and mothers. Some inherited in our family DNA and history. Those ceilings place on us by our professions, beliefs, languages, religions, inequality, mentors, discrimination, messaging, miscommunication, cultures, media, judgment, schooling and life experiences.

This is a valiant book about true stories.

Stories of overcoming obstacles, fears, and failures. Tales of insecurity, learning, and sweet, succulent victory.

Take a journey with the many brave, real, honest, ignited, and unstoppable women in this book. They are opening up a piece of their journey to you, in order to educate, inspire, and leave you with even more strategies and hope. We want to share the message with you, your ceilings are absolutely made for breaking, and your delicious dreams are always worth believing.

Contributing authors: Candy Troutman, Diane Bevan, Charity Majors, Sheli Gartman, Kate McGwire, Cathy Light, Connie Miller, Kayla Mortensen, America Yorita_Carrion, Denise Nygard, Marie Wallace, Lori Troutman, Janet Ravenscraft, Suzi Carpenter,  Paige Wiscombe, Samantha Tucker, and Jennifer Quinn

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