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Shama Hyder has always been someone who impressed me.

How could she not be? With a bio that boasts bestselling author, international keynote speaker, Top 30 under 30 Entrepreneurs in America by Inc Magazine, Forbes 30 Under 30 list of movers and shakers, featured contributor to The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Enterpreneur, Inc Magazine, Forbes and frequent appearances on Fox Business, CBS, CW33 and Fox News, Shama Hyder is a force to be reckoned with.

Prepping for the interview, I got a sense of who she was by watching videos and reading her writing, or, at least, I thought I did. The Founder & CEO of The Marketing Zen Group, Shama, showed up for our A/V check still recovering from the flu which prevented her from flying last week to keynote an event she was looking forward to. While I expected a polished professional with solid boundaries, what really caught me off guard and won me over, was the warmth she exuded and her genuine kindness.

Looking back, I shouldn’t have been surprised. When I first contacted Shama to request an interview, she very kindly told me she would have to wait until the beginning of the year to look at a date. When I circled back around in January 2016 to ask if her schedule had opened up enough to be on the show, Shama immediately selected a date to appear on The Jenny Q Show.

But still. The flu. She had the flu! And she showed up on time ready to go! I suggested to her that we could reschedule, and she refused, saying, “No, we’ve been tweeting about it – let’s do it!”

During the interview, we talked about her upcoming book “Momentum: How to Propel Your Marketing and Transform Your Brand in the Digital Age” coming out May 2016 (pre-order available on Amazon).

Shama gave us a preview to the five principles needed to propel your marketing in the coming years outlined in the book:

  1. Agility
  2. Customer Focus
  3. Integration
  4. Curation
  5. Cross Pollination

We had a special appearance by Shama’s dog, Teddy Ruxpin! Shama Hyder dog Teddy

Shama also talked about how she sees livestreaming (27:45) and shares which app she’s waiting for in the livestreaming landscape!

As we were talking about predictions in social media trends, Shama offered to share a prediction she hasn’t made publicly yet. You can find it at 31:09 – but here’s a hint – it has to do with LinkedIn and it’s acquisition of Can you guess what it is?

But before we got to the unspoken prediction – Shama’s other dog Snoopy made an appearance! Shama Hyder dog Snoopy


I think my favorite part of the interview was Shama’s answer to the question “What are the three top keys to your success?” (33:09) Humility & wisdom capped off this interview to make me end by saying to Shama Hyder that she is an inspiration and a delight. No wonder she excels at excellence – that’s quite a combination


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