“Sitting down to an interview with JennyQ is like meeting up with an old friend you haven’t seen for a while. Time and space mean nothing and you slide into an easy conversation, picking up right where you left off. Her style is professional yet easy-going; poignant, yet light-hearted. Highly enjoyable experience.”

Joel Comm, New York Times Best-Selling Author, International Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, New Media Marketing Strategist, Denver, Colorado


“Some people on Social Media make me sit up straight and take notice, giddy with anticipation over what will come next. JennyQ is my new “IT” girl.”

– GiGi Peterkin, Chief Problem Solver & CEO, Smart Solutions Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


“’The JennyQ Show’ is one of the most well-run  talk shows out there. Host, Jennifer Quinn, knows the questions to ask and how to direct the conversation to engage her guests and keep them at ease all while keeping her audience happy by getting them involved. ‘The JennyQ Show’ is an absolute must watch”

Vincenzo Landino, CMO, Fifty 2 Creative, New York City, New York


“Being interviewed by JennyQ was a powerful experience. She does her homework and asks questions beyond what information is available to her. She captivates the audience with her question, engagement and brings humor and lightness into the interview. I felt completely at ease and confident that she would ask questions that would highlight the essence of my business. She’s got the Orpah gift: stays curious, asks powerful questions, and makes the audience fall in love with her one question at a time.”

– Aandra Bohlen, Biz Consultant and Empowerment Coach,, Phoenix, Arizona


JennyQ is one of the best interviewers I know. She asks the right questions at the right time and always want to get to know the real person behind the job title. She’s authentic and a trail blazer in the live streaming community!”

Cathy Hackl, Emmy-nominated broadcast journalist, Director, Periscope Summit, Gainsville, Florida


“I’m a very busy trial lawyer, entrepreneur, and investor. Nothing is more valuable to me than my time. One of my favorite ways to improve my business and life skills is to watch Jennifer Quinn’s “The JennyQ Show”. Jennifer uses her outstanding interview abilities to extract useful tips from amazing guests and I always walk away with massive value. You will too!”

Mitch Jackson, 2013 California Lawyer of the Year,, Orange County, California


“Jennifer Quinn is one awesome woman and her “The JennyQ Show” is fantastic. She definitely gets into the person’s life and makes them feel so comfortable. She asks the right questions and for 45 minutes you actually want to listen to the whole lot. With a hint of laughing and a hint of banter, it is one of the most informative shows – you’ll learn so much about the person. Jennifer, well done!”

– John Kapos, Owner, Perfection Chocolates, Sydney, Australia


“I had the honour to be interviewed by JennyQ on “The Jenny Q Show” and among many interviews I have done this was one of the few when I felt so relaxed thanks to JennyQ. She was well prepared, did her pre-work so profoundly that it felt she knows me already! I’m a very talkative person and yet she managed to keep the conversation on track without making me feel interrupted or ignored – she is a pro!”

Zsuzsanna Szkiba, External collaborator on Social Media & Digital PR at Marina Rinaldi, Founder, Beauty With Plus, Milan, Italy


“Jennifer is amazing, real and compassionate. Very entertaining. I am honored and excited to witness and be a part of her talk show. Thank you Jennifer for being you!”

Crysta Lyon, Psychic Medium, Nomadic Spiritual Healings, Boise, Idaho