Periscope’s @TheEditorTv’s Team

Periscope’s @TheEditorTv’s Team Visits “The Jenny Q Show”


TheEditorTV is a channel on Periscope created by three people with different skills and experiences but a similar creative vision. Jason Stewart, Josh Allen, and Joe Valeri value a variety of content and broadcasters who have the ability to engage actively with both new and established viewers. They offer their broadcasters extensive creative and productive input from their team.


Watch the interview with all three founders of TheEditorTV which was recorded live here:



TheEditorTV team offers their viewers programming with stakes — shows and events that matter — such as:
  • contests and awards shows with live and replay viewer voting
  • parodies of periscope personalities and genres
  • charity art auctions with live bidding
  • dance party shows
  • and more (But, wait! There’s more!)
In addition, TheEditorTv puts on special events like an impromptu #PrayForParis concert featuring several performers. Their cornerstone show, “ItsBobMobTime,” is a silly, interactive periscope flash mob with a game show vibe. They format their programming in a way that they believe is not only entertaining but also inviting and engaging — programming driven by viewer interaction.


TheEditorTV constantly looks for new collaborations with like-minded people. They use their collective experience in television, writing, and business to not only develop new shows, but work with potential broadcasters to help develop a format that showcases their unique talents. With Periscope, anyone can become a broadcaster, and with the help of TheEditorTv, anyone can become a star.


Follow TheEditorTv on Periscope here:


Co-created by Joe Valeri, Josh Allen, and Jason Stewart

Twitter and Periscope Profiles are the same handle:

Josh Allen Profile: @AECJosh

Joe Valeri Profile: @JoeSoHeady

Jason Stewart Profile: @EditorManCaves

Three Production Assistants:

Jillian “Jables” Lancour

Tim Walker

Lauren Mayer

To watch replays of previous @TheEditorTv channel, visit their account.


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