Michael Malone a.k.a. @MaloneComedy – Funny Man

Michael Malone a.k.a. @MaloneComedy – Funny Man

You may not have heard of Michael Malone yet, but with his talent & drive, it’s only a matter of time he is a household name. As an award winning comedian and director, Michael is well on his way to being one of the great comedians of our time. His movie, Bethlehem, which he wrote, directed, and starred in, shows a talent rivaling genius.

Michael also has an album “Thirty One” which is a compilation of his routines. You can check out a track from it on his website MaloneComedy.com. Full disclosure – this track is not suitable for work. Mainly because of the language, (you know that snooty lady in the cubicle next to you won’t appreciate it) but, also because you will be laughing so hard it will actually prove to the boss you aren’t working.

I became connected to Michael because of my brand correspondent gig with Idaho Laugh Fest. Michael is a headliner for the 2016 fest. Originally I thought I would just be broadcasting live streams to promote Idaho Laugh Fest on Periscope but later thought about also having the headliner comics on my show as my guest. I was thrilled that Michael accepted the invitation!

Having Michael on my show was a treat and beyond. The first episode of “The Jenny Q Show” for 2016 not only informed but also entertained. Michael had me laughing – even to the point where my makeup smeared into a hot mess. We talked about how Michael got started in comedy at the age of 19 and some of the challenges he has faced along the way.

One of the questions I love to ask during an interview is, “What would you change if you could start over again on your career path?” I can honestly say that Michael’s answer to this question is one I couldn’t have predicted. Some journeys you can only know once you take them. I appreciate Michael sharing his funny journey with us!

If you’d like to follow Michael, he is @MaloneComedy on all social platforms, although he admitted that the best place to follow him is probably Twitter or check out his website.


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