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The incomparable Kim Coles graced “The JennyQ Show”

About today’s guest – Kim Coles!! OMG! I met her in March 2016 at PeriUnion in Las Vegas watching a premiere of “Sisters in Law,” a new reality WE tv show. I sat next to the Executive Producer, who happens to be actress & comedienne, Kim Coles!

And you know what? It was a blast! Kim was delightful, kind, smart, witty, and gracious.

You may have seen Kim on Living Single, Frasier, In Living Color, The Geena Davis Show, or MadTV,  but today she was on “The JennyQ Show” *squeal*

Although you know Kim as an actress, comedienne & TV Personality, she’s always been inspired to grow beyond the stage and screen. In addition to Hollywood, Kim is reaching out internationally to empower and inspire others with her “Speak Your Gifts” program.

Who is the Speak Your Gifts program for?

  1. Anyone who wants to share their life’s story, but is stuck and doesn’t know where to start
  2. Anyone who has tried other courses that were designed to build confidence
  3. Anyone who has decided that NOW is the time to invest in their dreams

For more information click here.

What does G.I.F.T.S stand for?

  • Gratitude
  • Intention
  • Forgiveness
  • Triumphs
  • Self-love

Check out the video below to hear Kim Coles share:

  • Top 3 tips for people who are on the brink of branching out and embracing their gifts
  • How to identify your gifts earlier, rather than later (Thanks, Mitch Jackson, for the great question!)
  • Kim’s answers to the “Fast Four” questions:
    • Fave fast food
    • Best Advice Ever Received
    • Go-to Power Anthem
    • Last Movie Seen

Send text KIMCOLES to 22828 for a freebie from Kim! 

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