Candy Review @MsCandyBlog Christmas Edition!

Candy Review Christmas Edition

If you’re going to do a Christmas Candy Review – you really should have a candy expert on. For this reason, I invited Ms. Candy Blog, popular candy vlogger/blogger on The Jenny Q Show to do the review. Ms. Candy Blog is a real candy taster. She doesn’t eat it – she tastes it. Yes, there is a difference! Ms. Candy Blog promotes candy as an experience, complete with opening the package and describing how the packaging feels, smells, and operates. She treats candy tasting like a science and it’s always delightful!

On this episode of The Jenny Q Show, not only did we have a blast, Ms. Candy Blog talked about how the companies package for seasons rather than specific holidays, so they can keep the candy on the shelf for a longer period of time. Additionally, she educated us on the fact that Easter is the largest candy-selling holiday, with Christmas being second, and Valentine’s Day being third.

Another tip from Ms. Candy Blog is to get the freshest candy from the store, buy the next season of holiday candy. For example, as soon as Valentine’s Day candy is available, buy it, rather than shopping the regular candy ailes or Christmas candy sales. Nice!

Interestingly – there is a trend in candy flavors per season. Who knew?

Here is a list of the candies reviewed on the show:

Project 7 – Gingerbread Gum

  • Proceeds donated
  • Zip pouch
  • Gingerbread-y smell

Hubba Bubba Hot Cocoa Gum:

  • Hot Cocoa is the trend this year
  • Packaged in a bank
  • Individually packaged gum

Jelly Belly Holiday Assortment

  • Five flavors – Candy Cane, Cranberry Sauce, Egg Nog, Hot Chocolate, and Pumpkin Pie
  • Individually packaged by flavor
  • Clever packaging with plastic cover so flavors don’t comingle

Hot Cocoa Candy Canes

  • This candy cane sold only at Target
  • Taste was on point both sucking and chewing the candy cane
  • Best hot cocoa taste of all the hot cocoa products tried on this show 🙂

Hammonds Candy Cane

  • Ms. Candy Blog’s vote for BEST CANDY CANE
  • Peppermint flavor stronger inside
  • Substantial size and sturdy

Madelaine Chocolate Santa

  • Super cute – beautifully foiled
  • Amazing smell
  • Smooth, creamy, pleasant, not heavy

Candy also mentioned but not tasted:

Riegelein Chocolate Santa

If you want to catch Ms. Candy Blog’s show live on Periscope:

Or, check out Ms. Candy Blog on YouTube & Twitter Christmas Candy Review Ms. Candy Blog (2)

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